Art tentation 2015


The Art Tentation (Art Temptation) exhibition takes place from Thursday, 3rd September to Sunday, 6th September 2015 from 10:00 to 22:00 at La Citadelle, Villefranche-sur-Mer in France, aux portes de Monaco. The first edition of the Art Tentation exhibition is co-organised by the city of Villefranche-Sur-Mer and Oktopus Event.

Presentation of the Art Tentation exhibition: “Art Tentation wants to create/revive an assembly of contemporary art on the French Riviera with a beautiful collection of luxury contemporary artists and antiquarians.

Divided into five sectors, Art Tentation will showcase the diversity and richness of artistic professions.”

You can find the artist’s work at booth No. 4.

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> Presentation of the artist Stéphane Catalano on the Art Tentation website.

> Press release for the Art Tentation exhibition by Oktopus Event.



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Artist's presence at the SALON ART SHOPPING 13th and 14th June 2015 at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris.

About SALON ART SHOPPING: Over 450 artists and galleries from France and around the world will be there for two days to show their work to contemporary art lovers. In the current economic climate, accessibility to the art market is now a reality. And today, thanks to Art Shopping, you can indulge in Contemporary Art ... without breaking the bank!

> Learn more about the SALON ART SHOPPING.

> Presentation of the artist on the exhibition’s website.


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Two of the artist’s pieces will be presented at the ART EXPO exhibition in New York from 23rd to 26th April 2015.

Astéroïde Astèque Stéphane Catalano
Bulle Vénusienne Stéphane Catalano

The first piece is titled Astéroïde Aztèque (Aztec Asteroid) and is made of powder coated aluminium and pure 24ct gold. It symbolises the asteroid of knowledge traversing an ocean of ​​subatomic vibrations in the universe in the direction of Mexico in the fifteenth century.

The second, in powder coated aluminium and pure 24ct gold, is called Bulle Vénusienne (Venusian Bubble). In this work, the artist was showing the idea of ​​ simultaneous planetary orgasms.

About ART EXPO NEW YORK: Art Expo is the world’s largest art exhibition, offering access to thousands of innovative works from artists and publishers in one place for dealers, collectors and buyers. The exhibition hosts hundreds of US and international exhibitors each year.

> Click here to view the Flickr Art Expo New York 2015 gallery

ART EXPO NEW YORK 2015 B ulle Vénusienne, Aztéroïde Aztèque de Stéphane Catalano


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G.M.A.C Paris Bastille Oct-Nov 2014

About GMAC: Large contemporary art market held for over 40 years, GMAC offers art lovers, gallery owners and the public the opportunity to see the works of painters, sculptors, photographers or furniture designers. Over the years, GMAC has grown in popularity and is now the meeting place not only for Parisian art lovers, but also those from other parts of France and further afield.


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Invitation-Boréart ok

About Boréart: Boréart is a visual art exhibition centre that aims to stimulate and support artistic creation, foster the diffusion of the artists’ works, raise awareness of the importance of visual arts and finally contribute to collective cultural wealth.

The Boréart centre hosts new artists and their works each month.

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About SIDIM: The show was created in December 1989 to bring together interior designers, architects, distributors, artists and the public in one place. Over three days, SIDIM connects all these people to promote the various innovations in the world of design, architecture and construction.