Artist for the luxury decoration, Stéphane Catalano, creates extraordinary pictures produced exclusively from pure gold leaf and other precious metals, and designed for outstanding interiors and settings.

Through his distinctive artistic style, he invented this unique concept.

The vibrant luminosity of precious metals is diffused by natural or artificial light, underpinned by figurative or geometric graphic forms. Such is the essence of his art, resulting in exceptional, timeless and universal pieces.

On request from his international clientele of individuals and professionals, the artist, with a passion for excellence, fulfils the most exacting aesthetic and artistic demands.


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  • Working with gold leaf: 2 angles of view, double perception of one piece
    4 June 2015
    Works created using 24 carat gold leaf, such as those by Stéphane Catalano, give...
  • Stéphane Catalano's new website
    15 April 2015
    Each new inspiration, each new turn in life often corresponds to a wish for...
  • Stéphane Catalano exhibits at Art Expo New York 2015
    14 April 2015
    Two of the artist’s pieces will be shown at the Art Expo New York...